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There are currently five volumes of tablature available for banjo and fiddle/mandolin. Each volume consists of 20 tunes, and is delivered in both tabledit format and as a pdf book.

Volume 1 is available for free, through the link below. Volumes 2-5, as well as future modules, along with the audio files for all the backups, are included as a bonus with registration for the Brainjo courses for old time banjo or fiddleClick here to learn more.

The tabs for volume 1 are free.

Just click the button below for the instrument you’d like them for:

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The All-You-Can-Eat Option

Lifetime membership to oldtimejam.com, which includes all current and future volumes of tab, as well as all of the mp3 backup files, is included with registration to either the Brainjo courses for banjo or fiddle. Click here to learn more.