Welcome to the Old-Time Jam!

Welcome to the Old Time Jam, a place for those who love picking banjos, fiddles, guitars, mandolins, basses, and all manner of music making implements!

To begin, watch this video overview of how to use the Old Time Jam Machine:

Here are some of the highlights of what you'll find here:

The Old Time Machine - this is the primary feature of the site. It's the music player you see right below the navigation menu on the home page. It contains an ever expanding repository (currently over 100 tunes) of backup tracks for old time tunes.

There are multiple backup configurations for each tune, so just choose what's best for you depending on your instrument, playing level and goals. Click here for more information about the old time machine, or just head back over to it, pick your desired backup configuration, and start jamming forthwith!

Tabs and backup downloads - I have written tablature for banjo and fiddle/mandolin for all 5 volumes of tunes (100 in all) currently available, and will continue to do so for each volume as they come out.

The tabs for volume 1 (the "old time top 20") are available for anyone who wants them by clicking on one of the options below. 

The remainder of the current and future tab volumes, along with the audio files for all the backups on the site, come with a membership to any of the Brainjo courses (click here to learn more about the courses)

Click to learn more about the courses for BANJO and FIDDLE


Members Area - This contains all of the downloadable member content that comes with being a member of any of the Brainjo courses (those who've signed up previously with the lifetime membership option can use their login info to access the area).